About us

Business, Cloud, Digital, Education

The who, what and why of Muon Consulting

Muon Consulting Ltd was incorporated in 2009, registered in England and Wales with company number 6889064, and is now based in Scotland. We currently provide clients with the following services: cloud computing consultancy, Drupal development and educational software development.

Who's mu?

Our founding director is Dr Mark Ian Williams, who has been building websites since 1998, developing software since 1992, and been in business since 2000. Mark is the author of A Quick Start Guide to Cloud Computing and is a regular speaker and chair at cloud conferences.

Our E-Learning Director is Dr Fiona Williams, and we are ably assisted by our Associate Consultants: Peter Devine (Design), Dr Paul Dixon (DevOps), and Jon Exton (Social Media).

What we do

We are strategic digital technologists. We help our clients in any or all stages of digital transformation from research and requirements through design and development to documentation and support.

Muon provides guidance and help to businesses trying to make the most of an increasingly digital world.

What do we mean by guidance, help and digital?

  • Digital is the online connection/bridge between people, machines and other people.

  • Guidance on technology choices, business process improvement and avoiding potential pitfalls such as security breaches and vendor lock-in.

  • Help developing and/or configuring CMS, CRM, websites and web applications, using cloud computing services if appropriate to do so. Plus technical support, workshops, training and user guides.

Why we do it

Digital Participation Charter Signatory logoWe enjoy building informative websites and educational software. And we believe that digital participation and digital inclusion are vitally important to individuals of any ability, organisations of any size, and the economy as a whole. That's why we have played an active role in Scotland's Digital Participation Action Group and we were among the first organisations to sign up to Scotland's Digital Participation Charter.