Guides & blogs on Cloud Computing & CRM for Serco

Serco were developing an online resource to promote the take-up of Superfast Broadband by SMEs in the South West of England and Wales. As part of this they put together a range of guides and blogs on doing business online, and they contracted Muon to develop a series of blog posts and guides on cloud computing, and a guide to CRM systems.

Business challenge

For the cloud computing blog, the requirement was to give the audience an indication of some of the main points to consider if they are thinking about using cloud–based solutions for the delivery of their IT services. The challenge was to distil simple some of the main points, such as ensuring you select the right supplier, and some of the potential pitfalls in moving to the cloud.

The audience were micro businesses. Some already had IT systems in place, whilst others may be start-ups who were considering their initial approach to IT. In both cases they were likely to have little technical knowledge.

Solution and Results

As a microbusiness owner himself, our Founding Director, Mark Williams, was able to empathise with the target audience and produce a series of blog posts and guides that were very well received, and some were translated into Welsh.

.@drmiw Ardderchog - spot on!

— Busnes Cymru (@_busnescymru) January 21, 2015

[Muon produced] probably the most succinct business case for cloud that we have. Expect the advisers will latch on to this one.


Cover image for Superfast Business Guide: Selecting a CRM System
Fig 1: Cover image for Superfast Business Guide: Selecting a CRM System by Dr Mark I. Williams