ICAEW cloud computing guide

The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) required a guide for their members who might be planning a move to cloud computing so they commissioned Galatea to produce one for them. Galatea use industry-recognised experts to develop the content for such outputs and in this case they approached Muon's Mark Williams, author of A Quick Start Guide to Cloud Computing to submit a proposal.

Business challenge

The ICAEW had already produced an introductory cloud computing guide so it needed to be different and it needed to be aimed at the SME market. They produced the following set of key questions and issues to cover:

  • What are the different stages in moving to the cloud?
  • Is it an “all or nothing” decision or can some some key systems and/or data be kept in-house?
  • Is it best to start small with, for example, data back-ups and webmail, and then move to enterprise systems later?
  • What are the key risks?
  • What are the main barriers?
  • What are the integration challenges?

The solution

Mark proposed to pick up the story from where the initial guide left off and produce a follow-up guide that dealt less with the 'what?' and 'why?' of cloud computing and more with the 'when?' and 'how?'. He submitted a proposal document that detailed the intended audience; overall objectives; key issues to be addressed; and reasons why cloud computing is an important consideration for accountants. The document, which was formally approved by the ICAEW Technical Committee, also included author details and a bullet list of sub-headings.

The results

The finished guide was completed on schedule and the ICAEW submitted it to their IT Faculty membership in April 2012. It was also made available for purchase by non-members in a spiral-bound form (ISBN 0857606174), priced £25. 

Following the guide's publication Mark was hired to give a presentation at the ICAEW's 'Why cloud? Why now?' conference in London. The presentations from that event are still available on the ICAEW website.


I worked with [Muon's Mark Williams] on the development of a guide on Cloud Computing for [the ICAEW]. He writes clearly and authoritatively, meets agreed deadlines and responds promptly to queries and requests for change. Very professional to deal with and produces high quality outputs.

Steve Newton, Owner, Galatea Training Services Ltd
Cover image for Dr Mark Williams's ICAEW guide: Making the Move to Cloud Computing
Fig 1: Cover image for Dr Mark Williams's ICAEW cloud computing guide